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Kry International is Bangladesh's largest trusted online and offline shopping for smartphone and gadget accessories store. The journey started with a single outlet in the year 2013, and now in a 10 years timeframe, there are 11 premium outlets of KRY, all over Dhaka City and Outside Bangladesh. It's a renowned name to all, for its authenticity & top-notch quality. KRY International Mobile and Accessories is a retail store that specializes in selling mobile devices and related accessories. The store is located in a prime location and is easily accessible to customers. The aim of the store is to provide customers with a wide range of high- quality mobile devices and accessories at competitive prices.

Our All Outlets

Our current Outlet location 

Basundhara City Shopping Complex
Level 5, Block C, Shop No 66-55 (Main Branch)

Level 5, Block C, Shop No 42-56

Level 6, Block B, Shop No 04

Level 1, Block B, Shop No 54

Hotline: 01707545044 | 01978545044

01999996097 | 01886545045 | 01709586037

* Kry Exchange Shop
 Level 5, Block B, Shop 41

Hotline: 01709846037 | 01886545045

FIX THE DEVICE (Service Centre)

Level 5, Block C, Shop 56

Hotline: 01306907459

Jamuna Future Park Brnach

Level 4, Block A, Shop No 0026A

Level 4, Block D, Shop 05A

Hotline: 01305701918 | 01789849490

Uttara Branch
Shop No 40, 4thFloor, Amir Complex, Azompur, Uttara

Hotline: 01758625157

Chittagong Branch

Shop No 403, 4th Floor, Finlay Square Shopping Mall, 2 No Gate, Chittagong

Hotline: 01319771689

Chittagong Branch
Shop No 403, 4th Floor, Finlay Square Shopping Mall, 2 No Gate, Chittagong

Hotline: 01319771689

Sylhet Branch
Shop 5, 1st Floor, Milenium Shopping Complex, Jindabazar, Sylhet

Hotline: 01707366703

Rangpur Branch
Shop 18, Level 04, RAMC Shopping Complex, Rangpur Hotline:

Our Social Media Platform
Facebook Page Our main page like 8,61,306 and followers 8,62,087
Main Group member now 263k and others Exchange Group member 25k
Now our Instagram followers are 7,152
And we have accounts on many other social platforms LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok
We have our e-commerce website where customers can buy everything online
and can order without any problem at home

Our Head Office
Address: Flat No. 4B, 20/21 Garden Road, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka 1215
Phone No: 01873689000



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